The troll in the sky

Josh planned for this to be a normal trip but something made him feel like it wouldn’t be.
The air was cold and the mountains had a flurry of snow on them nothing to wierd, but there were caves everywhere.
A few weeks ago when he had set off he had heard someone say there are trolls living in the caves but he thought it was just a myth.
Then something big and and as green as cucumber walked out of a cave and then went back in when he saw josh and the airship.
He thought he was just seeing things so he went to have a glass of water and concentrate on  what he was here for.
but did  he see a troll?


One Response to “The troll in the sky”

  1. I like how you have used your punctuation correctly.
    What inspired you to write this?
    To make it even better you should read through it to make sure there are no mistakes.

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