Everything you need to know about a storm pegasus


The Storm Pegasus is an ultra rare type of pegasus mostly because it has a unicorn horn and they are  found living inside thunder clouds. Everytime there is a storm they all come out and control it to make sure it does not do too much damage. During lockdown, they have snuck out of their homes to go get food for their babies. Only a few people have seen them fly around because of their increasing speed! However, not much is know about them.


Have you ever wanted to know where a Storm Peasus would live? If you would like to know, continue reading. Well, these magical creatures live in the biggest of thunder clouds here in England where there is enough  food for them to eat. If there are no thunder clouds in England they will just live in normal clouds.Amazingly very few have been spotted in gardens even though their mane makes them look like big flowers.


Would you be able to recognize a Storm Pegasus if you stumbled across one?  They have stormy deep eyes, a starry mane and dark cloudy wings. Amazingly Storm Pegasi are born with a tail shaped  like a lightning bolt which controls lightning. Their golden unicorn horn allows them to control any part of the storm (except for the lightning). On a rare occasion, some of them are born with black fur making them harder to spot.Normally, they are born with grey fur.


These mysterious creatures feed on lightning from the thunder clouds they live in. In the summer they might eat electricity from houses or lamps.Sometimes, this causes blackouts. In the thunder clouds they have enough food to provide them with but when it runs out they eat thunder from the sky and if there is no thunder in the sky they eat electricity.


Normally, Storm Pegasi  are shy and gentle. But if you try to attack them or their babies they will electrocute you. It takes time to build any level of trust with them.The behaviour of a storm pegasus is very different to what people think so they are mistaken for unpleasant types of unicorn.


Some people believe that every year they will choose someone they really like and grant their wish. So let’s take care of them and keep them a secret. This will keep them safe for a long time.


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