The Star-Catcher

Scarlet was sitting on the deck watching the storm get closer and closer through her binoscope. Robbie was quite calm about the storm because he thought they would be able to pass through it. But he knew had the most important job of all, making sure all of the gears were turning smoothly. 

By now the wind was howling, the clouds were blackening and rain was pouring down, like arrows shooting from the sky. Thunder boomed from above. Scarlet couldn’t see anything through her binoscope because there was a lot of dense fog. She was starting to get really worried because it was her job to make sure they were heading in the right direction.

Suddenly Sky Goblins flew out of the clouds, wielding bows, arrows and swords. They zoomed around the Star-Catcher, poking the balloon with their weapons, causing it to deflate. Captain Merry yelled into the mega-speaker, ”Get into your cabins, prepare to crash land!” with panic in her voice.

Abruptly the skyship jolted to a halt, everything rolled onto one side. Carefully, the crew members crawled out of the cabins and onto the sand. They looked around outside and saw that the skyship had shattered into pieces, except the cabins below. Had they managed to avoid the storm and the goblins?

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