Sky Ship Story

It was another day on the ship, Lindy glanced behind her, staring at the whiteness of the cloud pass through the boat. She was taking this very seriously, looking all over for any sites of mysterious shapes or things. Being a Forensic Detective in the past had given her a big advantage for clues. Meanwhile, at the end of the boat, Grandpa Joe, the Captain, was busy turning left and right, though he was still singing a song to himself quietly as he looked for clear spaces to sail through. Although he had never been sailing to find creatures like goblins or dragons, he was still prepared; sailing since he was young, was going to make this adventure easy…or most likely not. But down in the kitchen, Liam was busy having a dance session, with music on the radio, as he cooked some delicious steak for lunch. Even though they weren’t exactly on the right track, they were all busy trying to perfect it, making sure they had the best view for capturing the creatures who loomed the skies.


Suddenly, the ship lurched to one side, then the other, then it shunted forwards forcefully. Lindy held onto the binocular stand, holding on tightly, her hands went cold and white, she turned around, startled. There she watched, gripping onto the stand, staring at a large, rough looking dragon, the tail facing the boat, and the eyes glaring at her. Though as her heartbeat, Liam was down in the kitchen, he was soon enough throwing his spatula into the air and dashing into a small cupboard in the corner. He was trembling with fear as he waited for the boat to calm. At the front, Grandpa Joe was busy turning the Helm harshly to the write to get back in the right lane. Lindy was then rushing down, fumbling through the backpack for something, a net. She picked it up, frantically closing the bag, her hands shaky. Liam peeked out of the cupboard, rushing after her. With the duo throwing it over, Joe at the front helping to steer, they got him in.


Soon enough, they were then falling, faster than the dragon could move its tail. The dragon squirmed and wriggled to get out, whacking the net to free itself, causing the boat to shake more, making it tumble faster. Liam felt reluctant to help, only wanting to cook the food, he had not planned on capturing anything. As the dragon hit the island of Kazuko, the ship stopped, right above the island, the duo tightened the net and let go, about to fall into the grasp of a powerful dragon.

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