Skyship Adventure

On this adventure,there was one person that went to sea on a skyship to explore all the different kinds of creatures that you can get in water.All of a sudden,he saw a scaly creature pop up but he doesn’t know what it is.As he got closer and closer he saw that it was a sea dragon.

On this adventure he was scared but then he got braver and braver so he had a cannon that banged cannon balls out so he used them to blast this horrible creature out of his way so he could carry on with this mysterious adventure that people didn’t know about only he did as he going on it.

This is now the adventure is coming to a stop. He sailed back to safety until his boat sank so he was stranded but he saw someone that could help him get back to where he belongs but it was fisherman that sleeps there so he just swam back.

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  1. I really enjoy how you are developing your character!

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