Space Pegasus By Jake SWW School

The Space Pegasus is a magical creature, soaring the solar system, circling the bulging moon. In your interest, it only flies to our planet as a vacation or possibly to steal some food.

According to scientists,​ the Space Pegasus lives beside satellites curiously peering inside once in a while. But most of the time, it lives on a particular planet, although no-one knows exactly which one. Every so often it prefers to sleep flying either in a straight line or drifts left to right, up or down.

The Space Pegasus has wings ​the exact appearance as the moon. Its eyes shine like the stars and glisten in the moonlight. The Space Pegasus has horns as sharp as a butchers knife hooves like thundering boots.

Its diet is a mix of ​different bugs and creatures it crushes with its own hooves. Sometimes for dessert it eats shards of emeralds easy to swallow as for its muscular body.

The Space Pegasus ​sounds pretty much like a T-rex as it growls or roars. It hates to be seen meaning if it catches anything except its pack watching it would attack viciously.

These creatures only come out at night due to its comfort of the midnight sky and glistening stars​.

One Response to “Space Pegasus By Jake SWW School”

  1. I thought that your description was really detailed Jake. I love the part where you described that for dessert it ate emerald shards- a fascinating touch! I was impressed with the variety of sentence starters that you used and your punctuation was carefully done.
    I really enjoyed reading this and I’m looking forward to reading your next post.

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