Star Shiner

Charlie and Sophie clutched the railings as the sky ship lurched to the right. The rain soaked the ship’s sails and it drenched them both. They had a large bulk of supplies that they would need for a few weeks. They had been going for a day now and had only passed the city due to the strong headwinds and the storm.

Without warning, a large dragon flew overhead and breathed a great ball of fire. Luckily, the rain from the storm put out the ball of fire. Then the dragon retreated, but not for long. Not long after the dragon had disappeared, he came back. This time with a group of them and they breathed together to make one big ball of fire. Charlie and Sophie both got out the water cannons and set the pressure to high. The canons shot out gallons of water and extinguished the fire ball. The dragons were out of fire and flew into the foggy night sky.

Charlie then noticed the storm was clearing up and the visibility was better. He then thought because the weather had died down they could do with a bit of time and camp on land. Charlie pushed the lever down and the ship slowly drifted down towards the ground. Once they could clearly see the ground, they spotted a flat clearing where they could land safely.

The ship landed and Charlie and Sophie got off and set up camp. It soon got dark and Charlie went to put out the fire he had lit earlier. He then thought he heard the sound of dragons, but it was late and his mind was probably playing tricks on him. Sophie did not appear to hear anything, so he asked her would the dragons come back?

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