The Adora

The Adora

You’ve probably been on a holiday but have you ever been on a sky ship adventure? If you have ever been on an  aeroplane, remember how sunny the sky looked and remember getting a glimpse of the candy floss looking clouds floating like a boat on the barren seas. I bet you enjoyed visiting places one by one, but on a sky ship you can visit lots of places at once, as many times as you want every year.



But you should also try going on a sky ship in a downpour, sliding up and down the vessel, water knocking the boat side to side and gripping onto the sails for dear life.When the ice balls drop from 100ft high, splashing in the deep dark sea, you will find yourself feeling sky-sick.



And some say they’ve seen dragons stalking the skies in groups ready to pounce at anything that enters their lair.You probably won’t believe this, but some say they gobble anything up in just one bite. They fly around with their enormous sharp wings that hover over them like a canopy, protecting their tough scaly skin.



The Adora had been travelling for weeks now. The siblings had been fighting horrendous storms and battles. Storms lasting up to three days. “Catch!” the captain yelled, while throwing an old telescope to Matt.

“Have a look then!” the captain yelled again. Matt’s mouth started to dry up in fear, meanwhile Elena was getting a glimpse of the misty skies with not one fear of falling off the edge.

“Get away from the edge of the ship!” Matt shouted.

“I’ll be fine brother!” Elena cried out. Matt just stood there.



All of a sudden, the vessel started to rock from side to side, while everyone was doing their own thing. Matt cried “Can you hear that?”

“Hear what!” Elena questioned rudely.

“Could it be a dragon?” Matt chattered.

Elena and Matt went up to the deck and they both stared back in shock. There was a flock of dragons nipping at the Adora, hitting the ship with its piercing shark teeth. Its talons scraping up against the Adora, Elena pulled out an everlasting pack of matches from her rucksack and lit one scaring the colossal beast away.



At that moment, everyone was shocked. Out of the blue, the Adora started to sink down to the ground. Everyone was worried as nobody knew what was going on. The brother and sister huddled together and hoped for a safe landing in the middle of nowhere.







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