The Amethyst Alicorn

Amethyst Alicorn

The Amethyst Alicorn has the amazing ability to give humans and cats a magical healing necklace. It has a heart shaped amethyst in the middle and a blue boarder.

This magical creature lives in the Cueva de los cristales (translates to Caves of crystals in spanish)in Mexico .It is a magical place and has all the other crystal alicorns living in it. This includes, the Opal alicorn, the Emerald alicorn and the Diamond alicorn.

It has a amethyst horn that is like a rocky gemstone. The magical creature has a lilac mane and orchid fur. It has hooves as soft as a teddy bear so usually only walks on grass, the hooves don’t get damaged or hurt from crystals.

Amethyst alicorn’s diet consists of mainly the flowers of the lavender plant. They also eat the acorns of oak trees. They travel far away to get this food, so they only go to Mexico to mate. They drink the sap of birch trees.

This mystical wonder often rubs its horn against tree bark to get it smooth. It another use for tree sap is to polish its beautiful horn.

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