The Journey To Hell

​Jimmy was petrofied as three,black,scaly dragons flew past the belly of the ship. But it had been made with re-enforced titanium alloy. So Jimmys twin sister Minnie shot them with an enchanted bow given to her by Athena.

All of a sudden,a lightning strike flew past the ship. Out of curiosity, their pet wolf (who had the strength of a wolf 1,000 fold) checked it out,they had hit a storm which meant they had hit olympus,home of the Gods.

Unexpectedly, Zeus leaped down from the heavens pulling down the ship. However, he then saw his nephew , so trying his hardest he put the ship back before anyone got hurt, then a portal opened up into hell. Suddenly, Hades pulled them in.

Before crashing Percy remembered he had three pairs of Hermies flying runners. Jimmy,Minnie and Percy all put them on. Thankfully, they all landed safely but in the middle of hell.

2 Responses to “The Journey To Hell”

  1. Loving this story, especially he emergent writing style, lots of sudden suspense and an impacting ending!

  2. Such a dramatic extract! Amazing! I love the use of commas.

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