The sky ship

Moro usually enjoyed flying. Tox, not so much…
Tox moaned non-stop about the height, the air, the clouds, the dew, pretty much everything!
Suddenly, Moro heard a noise. He called out to Tox, to ask if she’d heard it too.
“Whaaaat?” came the angry reply, “I can’t hear you or anything over the sound of this propeller!”
“Then come in here,” Moro called back.
“Huh??” Tox shouted, “What part of I can’t hear you, did you not understand?!”

Without warning, a fierce faced dragon landed on the deck in front of Tox.
Although she was more concerned by it’s breath than it’s appearance.
“Did your mother not tell you to brush your teeth this morning?” Tox winced.
“Who are you talking to?” quizzed Moro.
“No one special, just this little fire dragon.” she called back.
“Fire dragon? Whaaat?” Moro shouted, rushing onto the deck.
He drew his air sword from it’s sheath, raising it to eye level. A huge gust of wind, emitting from it’s tip.

The air ship shuddered and Moro looked surprised. He had no idea how he had done it, but he was very impressed with himself.
The fire dragon, shocked, took a step backwards. Then lurched forwards, displaying elemental powers of it’s own.
Fire like lava soared past Tox’s face. Moro leapt up, wielding the air sword once more, slicing the dragon clean in half.
“Eugh!!” cried Tox in disgust. “You really know how to ruin my day, don’t you Moro?”


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