The Sky Ship – Part 2

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The air ship landed with a bump, as Moro dumped the dead dragon’s cut up corpse over the side. From above, the pink sun was blaring down on them, as Moro steadied the ship and looked for somewhere to anchor. Unfortunately, they had an audience of about 70 fishermen, dragging nets and hauling strange looking sea creatures out of their boats; they didn’t look impressed at this spectacle.

In the distance, they heard a voice call out, “Stranger, welcome to the Island of Sea. What is the purpose of your visit to out peaceful land?”

“I seek the cave of the Golden Dragon,” Moro respectfully replied. “I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here to be honest, my ship was attacked by that beast there,” he pointed to the pile of flesh on the dockside. Tox looked around suspiciously. Tall. slender houses lined the road above the docks, fishing boats in varying sizes and states of repair bob up and down in the harbour, while men load and unload crates, cages and nets. She held back, wanting to assess the situation they had landed in before revealing her presence to the crowd, gathering around the ship.

“I am Tohiba, this is my island,” he smiled, “You may stay as long as you need, I have no knowledge of the cave of which you speak. Or the outside world at all, I’m afraid.”

“We will stay for one night, thank you Sir, but then we must continue our quest,” Moro replied. “Oh, and I will dispose of the mess shortly, sorry.”

“We?” asked Tohiba. Inside the cabin, Tox rolled her eyes, then stepped out into view.

“We,” she sighed, “But I’m having nothing to do with that mess!”

Tohiba chuckled and bowed low to her, “Greetings fair lady, it is an honour to meet you. I trust you will both join us for dinner this afternoon? As for that,” he gestured towards the dead dragon, “It will make fine bait, the dock masters will deal with it.”

“That sounds wonderful,” enthused Moro. “Forgive my manners, this is my sister Tox, my name is Moro, thank you for your kind hospitality,” returning a bow to their host.

Standing by the guard rail, Tox tilted her head, squinting into the distance. There was something fishy about this place, something beside the actual fish and fishermen. Looking around her, she felt a definite sense of unease, creeping into her bones.

“Hey Moro, do you think that statue looks a bit like me?” she queried, “There’s something very odd about this place, I just know it…”

8 Responses to “The Sky Ship – Part 2”

  1. I really love how you described about the dragons in the 1st paragraph its really descriptive and it makes me feel like I am there with well done its crazy!

  2. well done I love how you described the part about the dragons in the first paragraph

  3. I really like this story, I especially like how descriptive it is, perhaps you could write a bit more on the landing?

  4. I like your story because you did not use said at all.

  5. I really like the punctuation and the storyline

  6. Brilliant story, I really like the start. You used some great descriptive words too.

  7. This is an imaginative and well-crafted piece of writing Aanya, I especially like the feeling of tension you have created in your final paragraph and can’t wait to read the final part of the story. The Island of the Sea sounds a very unsettling and mysterious place….

  8. This has been very well-written, Aanya. I especially enjoyed your description of The Island of the Sea and how you varied the style of your sentences. I wonder where your inspiration for writing about fishermen/an island comes from?

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