part 2- skyship adventure

The captain burst into laughter, smacking his hand on the railing. John wondered how they were going to get down. He stared below the skyship and his jaw dropped. Below him, was the ruin of what used to be an ancient fortress, but was now only an outline.


Suddenly, the oars snapped in two, and the skyship fell. It spun in circles, and black smoke trailed out of the engine room. The Haniver crashed into the misty trenches with an ear piercing thud. Max, John and the captain stumbled out of the ship and inspected the damage.


Max decided to wander off, and get a better view of his surroundings. A fallen drawbridge flopped lazily on the floor in front of him, and spears were stabbed into the ground, as if there had been a long-lasting battle on this very spot. Doors and windows sagged downwards, and large drains lay open, like they had been used recently.


When Max got back to the Haniver, No-one was there. He knew they were searching for supplies. All of a sudden, he heard a cough. Anxiously, Max ran towards the sound. He turned a corner and… John was collecting bits of metal for the ship.


Without warning, a ghastly shadow loomed over them…


5 Responses to “part 2- skyship adventure”

  1. I love your story especially the cliff-hanger at the end! It made me wonder what happens next.

  2. Steren Truro High School February 24, 2021 at 9:43 am

    I really like how descriptive your poem was and how you described the objects like humans. What sort of supplies were they looking for?

  3. I thought that this was a fantastic part 2 because it was really descriptive.
    My favourite line was “spears were stabbed into the ground, as if there had been a long-lasting battle on this very spot.” because it has like a good simile.
    To improve you should carry on the good work because I loved it!

  4. My Favourite line was your ending line, it was a strong ending.

  5. William is they nice and you so much creative ideas

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