A hidden island !!!

With a loud crunch and smell of metal on metal , the sky ship came to a sudden halt.

Rose peered over the railings, she coughed and retched as the putrefying  smell of decaying flesh wafted towards her. However, as she looked she realized they had arrived in a paradise of tropical islands, with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant tropical fish.

James looked around, not taking another step, all he could see was miles of waves crashing onto the mountains with the palm trees dancing in the moon light.

Suddenly, Rose heard a rustle, she was frozen to the spot, afraid to move, terrified of what was waiting in the shadows. It made her heart race and her hands tremble. Something huge was moving towards her…

3 Responses to “A hidden island !!!”

  1. I really liked how you have used description for e.g ‘all he could see was miles of waves.’

  2. I think it’s a nice peace of work

  3. Sophia, JJ and Lucie (EHPS) February 25, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    Hello, I really like how you have used sophisticated words and your description.
    Next time maybe you could check your punctuation.

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