Chapter 2 – Starblaster has Landed

Chapter 2 Star Blaster has landed


Max, Ron and Jack slowly and quietly crept out of the ship, they didn’t want to be noticed by anyone on the island, especially the dragons! The peach coloured sand was so cold, that they crept back to the ship to get their furry snow boots. They decided to be as quiet as they could, as they looked around the island.

In the distance, Max, Ron and Jack saw huge, flaming dragon nests, they were made from burnt wood and the snow – white bones of the dragon’s prey. There was silvery smoke all around them with blue ashes moving slowly around it. The air was hot and everything smelt of burning wood. The sky went dark, but instead of stars, the black sky lit up with blood –red lightning bolts. Suddenly, they heard a frightening ROAR!! The ground began to shake, and loud bangs boomed every second. Filled with fear, Max, Ron and Jack ran, as quick as they could, to the broken star blaster. What could it be? Would everything be ok? How will they escape?

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  1. You could describe more about what your describing.

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