Dragons-Olivia SWW

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so a dragon is the best pet; as it is never bored. ​

However, this is not a easy pet to look after as they may become a fiery mess.

You will need: a tracking collar, a whistle, many fire extinguishers, plenty of food, water and a dragons den.

Many dragons like to roam freely but if they go too far a simple blow of the whistle should to the trick. If not, you may use your tracking collar to see where the dragon has explored to.

Mealtimes for dragons are a scary thing. Here’s what to do:
-First, lay the food somewhere safe.
-Next, run to a spot and put on a disguise, that’s not a human, as the dragon may mistake you for it’s meal.
-Finally open the door and let the animal out.

Dragons like to sleep in dens for long stages as they hibernate in summer.
keep them for fourteen hours in their den and the rest of the time they will fly, dig, eat and drink.
A final word is that, dragons like to dig, so you may find many holes in the ground.

2 Responses to “Dragons-Olivia SWW”

  1. 1. Wow I loved the bit about put a disguise on! Very clever!
    2. Why put them in their den for 14 hours?
    3. Maybe say what games you could play with them!

  2. I really like your post Olivia! Well Done.
    1) I really like your idea of a tracking collar so you can find where they are.
    2) Have you done a piece of writing like this before?
    3) It is amazing already but if you could add some more description it would be great!

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