How to Look After a Pet Griffin

Have you ever wanted to keep a legendary pet? If so, you need to  travel to a pet shop on the edge of  the Sahara Desert called Mythical  Magic Pets . If you kept a pet griffin you would definitely have a friend for life.

However, it could be dangerous because a Griffin has sharp claws which it can scratch you with. You have to be very brave and hard working. You never know, you could be famous for having one of these exclusive pets. Well if you really want them, you must follow the instructions below so you can  care for it.

What you need : some large long sticks, some salmon , feathers from a wild red bird and a griffin whistle.

What You Do

First, get some large long sticks and make it into a nest and on the top put some feathers  so your griffin is warm and happy in its  home. Try to make the nest as large as possible because it will often stretch out its gorgeous glimmering wings. Don’t forget to place a net  over the nest because your griffin might try to fly away although you shouldn’t  keep it in there for too long . 

Next, give your griffin some salmon but don’t give it too much otherwise it will get too fat. Also give it some water to drink and not juice. Furthermore, never give it any sweets or processed human food as it will poison your griffin. Always feed it four times a day and let it drink ten times a day.

Then, give it a walk two times a day so it can be fit and healthy. Also get a long strong rope as a leash. 

After long walks, give it a bath in a local river and dry it with a silk towel.  Don’t forget to clean its beak and brush its fur regularly to keep it happy

Finally, get it a blanket and tuck it into its nest, put the cage on and sing it a lullaby and it will drift off to sleep.

If you follow these instructions everyday it will listen to you and it will let you ride on its back. 

Well good luck with your griffin.

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