One dark, wintery morning, a boy called Jack ran outside his snow covered house. He was ready to go on the skyship with his friends, Ron and Max. They had been planning their adventure for several weeks. Jack ran through the woods as fast as he could, and jumped aboard the giant skyship Starblaster. Ron turned the rusty chain to start up the skyship, but it wouldn’t start. So Jack gave him some oil from his rucksack, but it barely started. Slowly and quietly, the friends floated away.

Ten minutes later, the Starblaster started to shake heavily. Jack, Ron and Max were thown forward, and Jack looked overboard to see a huge, orange dragon wing at the side of Starblaster . There was a dragon under the ship and Jack, Ron and Max didn’t know what to do. The dragon was flying with Starblaster on it’s back. They kept on, flying through the air, and suddenly they realised that they were floating towards and island.  Where were they going?

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