The abandoned city

The abandoned city

The horrifying, shadowy  streets at midnight were only lit by a few dim streetlights. The  airship landed in the middle and everything blew away. Bob had to grip onto a tree. The roar of the airship was deafening. Finally, the engine turned off and Bob could stand up again. Walking down the ramp, a terrifying dragon with razor-sharp claws came towards Bob. He sprinted into a nearby building and went straight to the top.







































One Response to “The abandoned city”

  1. I love your powerful description – horrifying, shadowy, dim – these really help to paint a picture for me.
    I also like how you have eluded to the power and noise of the airship – your character needing to hold on to something tightly and how loud it is (deafening).
    There are lots of short sentences, which are great for creating drama, but I wonder if you could link some of your ideas using a conjunction or a comma followed by an adverb?

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