The sky-ship mission: Part 2.

A few years later, they set off another sky-ship called, the ship’s trust. Not as much people wanted to go on it since the incidence a few years ago. But before they started closing the doors: someone from the crowd came, his name was Eric. Brown hair up to his shoulders, glasses and a tie. They agreed to let him in so he did and set off with a few other passengers on board, fumbling with their fingers.

Eric tried to start a conversation with someone but they all turned away until there was a call coming from the engines room. Without thinking, he trudged to the room quietly. But once he got there, nothing was there except a table with a red button and a note. The note said: BEWARE of this button, if you press it, it’ll change your life forever but in a bad way. Looking around to see if anyone was there, he pressed it and tumbled to the left, to the right, back to the left and fell onto the ground. Eric got up fast and before he tried to escape the room, it locked on him and steam was coming from somewhere. Once he breathed it in, he fell to the ground shockingly…


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