Colours of the door

  • Go and open the blue door, 

Beautiful sky gleaming and an ocean shifting.

  • Go and open the blue door,

A lake rippling in the distance. Like a bird flapping its wings.

  • Go and open the sky blue door,

A whale swimming, while its heart pumped around.


  • Go and open the sunny yellow door,

A light of sun bleams into your eyes viciously.

  • Through the yellow door, 

There was a sunflower – pointing towards the beaming sun.

  • On the other side of the yellow door,

There was a banana – slipped out of its skin.


  • Through the tangerine orange door,

There was a basketball – bouncing and bouncing in a loop.

  • In the chromatic orange door,

There was an orange fox, hunting for its prey like a beast.

  • Within the coloured orange door,

There was a tiger, growling with anger and fierceness.


  • Through the chocolate brown door,

There was a bear, sleeping peacefully in the darkening.

  • On the other side of the coconut door, 

There was an owl howling in the night like a wolf.

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