The door

Go and open the blue door,

maybe there is –

a whale pouting at you waiting for attention,

blue tulips blowing away,

or the ocean waving at you waiting for a response.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe there is –

an exploding sun spitting out lemon juice,

a banana slipping out of its skin,

or the sun aiming for the sunflowers.


Go and open the red door.

maybe there is – 

an exploding sun spitting out boiling lava,

a field full of roses waiting to be chosen,

or a pile of strawberries made out of ruby.


Go and open the purple door,

maybe there is – 

a rocket that leads you to the galaxy,

a sack of violets begging to be free,

or maybe you will meet Dipsy the tellytubby.


Go and open the green door,

maybe there is – 

a bush made of emerald,

a bag of seaweed stinking up the room,

or a huge hungry lizard waiting for its prey.


Go and open the orange door,

maybe there is –

a tray of pumpkins waiting to be carved for halloween,

a bag of carrots wanting to be chopped up for a delicious salad,

or a sunset glowing in the evening out in the fields.


Go and open the pink door,

maybe there is –

clouds made out of raspberry flavoured cotton candy,

a huge cuddly soft pink teddy bear,

or a huge shelf stacked with strawberry and raspberry donuts.


Go and open the brown door,

maybe there is –

a chocolate fountain with marshmallows,

a massive chocolate milkshake maker,

or raining chocolate from the sky waiting to be eaten by you.


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