I have never eaten mouldy cheese


I have never eaten a  poison red apple while filming snow white and the seven dwarfs,

but I have eaten a pure pink perfect pink ladys  apple straight from the shop.


I have never eaten a falcon while lying in bed 

but I have eaten chicken breasts in bed.


I never eaten sushi, 

but I have eaten tuna from the  fish and chip shop.


I have never met a Ariana Grande in real life,

but I have been to a tribute concert of Ariana Grande and JoJo Siwa.


I have never ridden a giraffe in South Africa,

but I have stroked and fed giraffes at a zoo.


I have never seen a Cobra,

but I have seen a grass snake on a dog walk.


I have never won the lottery,

but I have won competitions in horse riding.


I have never eaten mouldy cheese,

but I have eaten mouldy bread by accident.


I have never been to France 

but I have met several french people.


I have never drunk beer at a pub,

but I have drunk diet Pepsi from MCDonalds.


I have never been In a hot air balloon during the cold dark night,

but I have seen a hot air balloon nearly hit our roof while I was playing in my garden.


I have never been to a different country,

but I have been to a natural history museum in London.



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