I have never felt the putrid pain of being bitten by a shark.

I have never completed minecraft on survival.

but I have completed super mario 3D land.


I have never felt the putrid pain of getting bitten by a shark.

but I have but I felt the pain of falling from a terrifyingly tall tree.


I have never eaten gold glamorous pizza.

but I have eaten perfect pepperoni pizza.


I have never dipped my toe in a terrifying but yet traffic volcano with laver berating from the top.

but I have dipped strawberries in a chocolate fountain. 


I have never walked to the top of mount Evrest.

but I have walked to the Lodsworth Larder and back.


I have never met Messi in persan.

but I have met Steeve bactshall in persan.


I have never seen a whale in persan.

but I have seen one on the TV.


I have never made a magnificent Magnum. 

but I have made brilliant banana bread. 

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