I have never ( but I have )

I have never, befriended dory from Finding Nemo 

but I have gazed at the clownfish at Pets at Home.

I have never, met a starfish called Tim

but I have held an orange starfish at Weymouth Sea Life. 

I have never, crept up on Mickey Mouse at Disneyland 

but I have scared the living daylights out of Alfie at night. 

I have never, hugged the grumpy, stormy cloud high in the sky 

but I have hugged the teddy cloud called Jeff. 

I have never, eaten the moon with a group of aliens 

but I have eaten a block of cheese from Lidl’s.

I have never, done a backflip dressed as a crow

but I have dressed as a fairy on my trampoline and bounced.

I have never, been trapped in a popcorn maker 

but I have got my finger stuck in a vending machine at Goldenstones. 

I have never, set my brain on fire with matches 

but I have set a bonfire alight on Silverthorne Farm.

I have never, met a penguin drinking lava 

but I have seen a seagull eating my chips at Weymouth Beach.

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