I have never By Oliver @belmont

I have never heard a monkey talking viciously to the lapis lazuli sky,
but I have heard a fox feeding it’s Cubs when the darkness is ticking like a clock.

I have never seen the past driving down the road telling me to got back to 2001,                                   but I have seen visions telling me my mysterious future.

I have held a peril rat heartlessly bitting my fingers,                                                                                     but I have not held swirling snake raping round my stick figure body.

I have never felt a car swoop by my side as I walk across the road to Belmont Community School,  but I have felt a bird land on my right shoulder.

I have never visited the amazing America with 72 frogs from the jumping jungle,                                        but I have visited Spain and gone into the Cyan sea with fish surrounding my feet.

I have never been to Paris with a lama in my bag waiting to see it’s friends,                                              but I have been to Belton house with a firing football ready to be kicked around a football pitch.

I have never touched a lion from Africa in the desert hunting for its food like a sly hyena,                          but I have touched a cat purring like a tractor would in a field.

I have never observed Ivory tusks from an elephant,                                                                                      but I have observed human skin as smooth as a sneaky snake in my bedroom.

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