I have never… Louie @Belmont

I have never…

Heard the sound of a lions roar, but I have heard footsteps creeping the floorboards of a wooden floor.

I have never visited Texas with the shining sun beaming in my eyes, but I have visited McDonalds whilst being greeted with a perfect smell of burgers.

I have never seen what death looks like whilst being in a dusty antique jar of ashes, but I have seen the darkness of my room at night.

I have never touched a llama trotting past the horizon sun, but I have touched a horse galloping past the sand of Skegness beach.

I have never captured a nightmare in people’s dreams, but I have captured a spider, creeping across a room.

I have never tasted paint from Target in America on a sunny evening,but I have tasted a delicious burger.

I have never climbed Mount Everest, but I have climbed a large wall.

I have never watched a football game with Manchester United and Liverpool in person, but I have my dog run like an Olympic champion in my garden.

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