I have never ridden a llama… by Summer @Belmont

I have never ridden a llama…By summer@Belmont

I have never felt the slimy scales of a corn snake,
but I have felt cold hand sanitiser tickling my skin.

I have never travelled to London to see the vast Big Ben in the town square,
but I have travelled to Skegness beach for the ice cream and donuts.

I have never climbed an alien space ship taking of into the charcoal night sky,
but I have climbed a vast hill with my dogs Daisy and Lacey.

I have never seen a friendly dolphin leaping through the turquoise water with its family following behind,
but I have seen a baby shark swimming in an aquarium.

I have never ridden a llama in a dehydrated desert as my grandpa Pete held me so I do not fall,
but I have ridden my violet mountain bike down Byron Avenue.

I have never tasted Russian herbs sprinkled on top of my spaghetti,
but I have tasted warm creamy cookies that have just came out the hot,steamy oven.

I have never heard night owls hooting in daylight sat on a vast oak tree,
but I have heard my English bulldogs bark as deeply as they could as the loud mail man walks by.

I have never thrown a vast elephant across an emerald forest breaking down all of the blossom and oak trees,
but I have thrown a cloth across my kitchen counter as I am about to relax.

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