I have never set up camp in the Amazon Rainforest by Alexandria

I’ve never set up camp in the Amazon Rainforest…


I have never eaten noodles on the streets of Shanghai,

but I have chomped on chips at the seaside market.


I have never gone inside Buckingham Palace,

but I have been in the Norwich Castle Museum.


I have never leapt out of a plane to skydive,

but I have jumped high on Jacob’s trampoline.


I have never tickled a tiger playfully,

but I have played with Maddie the dog on the green.


I have never gotten a gold medal for winning the Olympics,

but I have gotten a Golden Demon pin for getting to the semi-finals.


I have never beaten a professional chess mastermind,

but I have won against Sam at Magic The Card Game at The Hobbit Hole.


I have never swam the English Channel,

but I have paddled in the sea at Gorleston Beach.


I have never raced Usain Bolt, 

but I have ran with Amelie down Park Road in Manea.


I have never set up camp in the Amazon Rainforest,

but I have built a champion den in Manea woods.


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