I’ve Never But I Have by Abdullah

I’ve never befriended the metal bounded screeching sound of the gorm,

But I’ve friended my annoying brother Aj.


I’ve never gone on a hike with a Charizard on hampstead heath,

But I’ve gone on a walk with my family.


I’ve never ridden on a lighting fast,proud Hippogryph waiting to be mounted,

But I’ve rode on a neighing pony. 


I’ve never seen an enormous leviathan,

But I’ve seen a dolphin leaping over the beach.


I’ve never eaten a sneaky slithering snake, 

But I have ate delicious snake poison.


I’ve never put on the rich precious Queen’s crown,

But I have worn an uncomfortable colorful toy crown.


I’ve never tasted the delicious sensation of caviar popping in my mouth,

But I have enjoyed some bubble tea. 


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