If I were a pink door,

I would take you

Into the heart of a butterfly,

A clump of lavender

Or to millions of Magical fireflies.

If I were a green door,

I would show you

The most beautiful olive tree,

A patch of mint leaves

Or the greenest grass you will ever see.

If I were a orange door,

I would lead you to

The most richest honey that warms your heart,

An apricot river that is perfectly edible

Or Rumpelstiltskin’s stack of gold.

If I were a blue door,

I would save you 

From freezing into the sharpest ice crystals,

From getting brain freeze of the tastiest slushy 

Or from getting stuck in the eye of a snowstorm.

If I were a beige door,

I would encourage you

To tackle the dragon of heartlessness,

To sail on the sea of enchantments

Or to take on the most challenging quest.

If I were a black door,

I would stop you

From smelling the smoke of evilness,

Getting face to face with the evil queen 

Or from touching the Oar that sends you down the wrong path.

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