The door poem

If I were a red door,
I would take you
To a room of love,
To a pool of lava
And a field of scarlet poppies.

If I were a orange door,
I would make you,
A juicy orange,
A hot pepper
And sloppy honey ice cream.

If I were a yellow door,
I would teach you,
The buzz of a bee,
How much stars are in the sky.

If I were a green door,
I would sing you,
The sound of the trees swaying,
The sound of the grass
And the scoop of a mint ice cream.

If I were a blue door,
I would lead you to,
The sky in the day,
To the shallow end of the pool
And to the ice rink.

If I were a purple door,
I would stop you,
Picking lavender,
Stop you going to the purple room
And stop you going to the purple book.

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