Truths and Wishes by Saif

I have never devoured a perfect porridge with Goldilocks,

But I have gobbled up tasty oatmeal with my mum.


I have never fought a suspending battle against the Big Bad wolf,

But I have won easily against my weak little brother.


I have never made a music parody with the legend Snoop Dogg,

But I did make a rap that was made for my irritating older sister.


I have never befriended a magical mysterious mermaid swimming graciously on azure ocean,

But I have seen their lost home, the city of Atlantis on tv.


I have never visited a pretty rainbow pegasus,

But I have spotted a clam soft pony who felt like a baby’s bum


I have never hiked upon the cold peak of Everest,

But I have climbed on the vast emerald heath.


I have never met a flying happy lion,

But I have met a drunk squirrel that was going super speed  like the flash.


I have never stolen the queens majestic expensive  tiara,

But I have stolen my sister’s iphone 8 and she had the face of a wild panther.

Truths and Wishes part 2


I have never noticed a heat blasting comet,

But I have seen popping bright light stars at Hemingway Close.


I have never felt a lions exquisite anger,

But I always feel a ruby red heart’s love coming warmly into my body.


I have never climbed on Jack’s leafy beanstalk,

But I have climbed the thick strong rockwall.


I have never touched stinky squid,

But I have dared someone to munch an oyster and it was crunchy.


I have never met a ferocious armored gorm,

But I have met a knight in shining silver chestplate.


I have never cooked a delicious steak appetizer with Gordon Ramsey,

 but a professional Indian chef cooked me a handmade burrito.


I have never met the queen of Sheeba,

But I have seen the queen herself with her royal crown.


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