Upgrade By Louis

I’ve never… but I’ve….


I’ve never rapped with the one and only Stormzy in front of 3000 people on a stage made of solid gold

though I do listen to him on spotify in my yard on sunny days.


I’ve never ridden the octuple kraken through the seven seas

Though I have surfed on the savage wave in gateshead.


I’ve never met the zeus god of lightning, ferocious as a sharks tooth like a tip of a blade

But I’ve seen yang vertongen the former spurs player.


I’ve never stuffed my face with ramen noodles

But I’ve had japanese food.


I’ve never flew on a pegasus into the skies above the clouds

But I have flown on an airplane into paris on a boiling sunny day


I’ve never fought a giant, scarlet snake in the deepest depths of Tartarus and won

But I have wrestled my little brother Finn on a super sad rainy day.


I wish I had a diamond chain with gold on it

Though I’ve got a  sapphire crystal in my bedroom.


I’ve never been able to live underwater

But I’m good at swimming. 

I wish I have been able to change into objects

But I can dream about it.


I’ve never owned a pet phoenix

But I’ve seen Dumbledore’s one at the Harry Potter studios.


I’ve never played rocket league in real life though I wish I Have had the opportunity.

But I have played it on my  red and blue, fun switch.


I’ve never traveled into different dimensions in a plastic box

But I have thought I have when I went on a rollercoaster.


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