Secret Emporium

 Have you ever been curious? Well in the city of Glassgow down a dark alley of shops a massive shop opened up everyone was confused it just came out of nowhere it’s made out uneven bricks and vines and roots growing across the building, it looked like it had been there for years the vines were there like I was aged, but it just came out nowhere. 


Chapter 1 

It was a dark and stormy night Kendrick was homeless trying to find shelter for the night. He went down dark alley with a lit-up sign spelling out “THE SECRET EMPORIUM.” He ran down the alley drenched in rain he reached the door praying it would open “please, please, please” he reapted  the door swung open as he about to open it he was met with golden chandeliers, and bookshelf’s standing tall over everything, birds flew over him, and a lot of animal trophies scattered everywhere. But the main part was a lectern in the middle of the room with a book that said, “The book of wonders – do not drop.” Kendrick picked it up as he did it, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder I see you’ve found my book of wonders?” As the two birds landed on his shoulder. Kendrick jumped making him drop the book he tried catch but it was too late the book edge has hit the ground everything went in slow motion as it was hitting the ground he just heard “what have you done!” he was sucked into the book all he could see were bright colours all around him he was just falling in a loop the walls were closing in on him he was blacking out. He finally woke up it felt like it had been days he had passed out for. “Where, am I...”

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  1. Your story is intresting. But next time add some commas because at some parts.

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