discover the Moon Unicorn



                                                                          The devil unicorn

Which is a rare type of flying horse which is found near the earth core or the sun and helps to find out more about these fascinating creatures during lockdown periods these winged horses have been more aggressive and have travelled to the cites. And to the happiness of many citizens the devil unicorn has been seen in cities taking advantage of the humans feeding them. It is also easy for them to steal food. There is more to learn about these fascinating creatures. 




The behavior of this mythical creature is amazing. It likes to switch its eggs with others for food. The eggs are almost like a unicorn, unfortunately for the mother the unicorns eat it. It also likes to kill other mythical creatures including gods, demi gods and semi demi gods and half bloods it is immortal  when there is a full moon when it stares it to its enemies eyes they die and also they can teleport and even super speed. 


Many people think the devil unicorn can summon demons from hell but this still hasn’t been proven yet. If you think that one is sleeping in your local area it’s probably best to keep it silent because they enjoy silence. If you have made friends, remember these are wild unicorns so do not try to ride them lets keep these safe for future generations 


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