Spades shop of wonders prologue and chapter 1

Spades shop of wonders 


“SPADE!” the officer shouted as Spade spun round the corner of the street and down an alley “if you come out, we won’t arrest you.” said the second officer. “Oh, so I stole a 5-million-pound necklace, and you won’t arrest me”. Said Spade “your either lying or just really bad at your job.” Spade ran down every alley and down every street corner, but he hit a dead end. “Hes here” shouted one officer “we got you now” said the other “are you sure” said Spade as he clicked his fingers and vanished into dust… 

Chapter 1 

“Hey Hart catch” said jack one of Harts bullies as he threw a rock at Him. Hes always been bullied ever since his family passed away, he’s used to being on his own though. He would spend easter alone Halloween alone even Christmas alone he never had anyone else to talk to, so he just talked to himself. 

 One day when he was walking home, he bumped into a mystery man wearing a dusty bowler hat and a black midnight cloak. “Hey watch it,” said Hart. Then the two officers ran past Hart got curious and turned round the corner to see the mystery man disappear into dust. Hart was so confused about where the mystery man went so, he waited until the police walked away and went over to the mystery man’s spot and climbed down an open drain. Then he saw it a light in the sewers through a crack in the wall Hart thought he should walk away Hart isn’t a brave person I mean He’s scared of sheep he started thinking if He’s dressed ok, he is wearing a shirt and tie with a black blazer. He took a few steps towards the crack, and he felt like he was having a Panic attack. Hart never thought he would have slip through cracks in a wall he knew he couldn’t even fit through it. Hart was going to walk away then he thought about all the times he’s been called chicken. Hart turned round and kicked the wall and broke it Hart never knew he was that strong. 

Hart saw a shop and walked towards it written in black paint was the words “Spade’s shop of wonders.” A man popped up from behind the counter he was holding a book called “the wonder book”. 

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