Spring Unicorn

Spring Unicorn

Lottie- St Wilfrid’s

This Unicorn is the happiest unicorn in the world! This creature is rare and legendary to find. Have you ever seen one of these fascinating creatures in the park before?


The Spring Unicorn has many habitats. They even sleep in people’s back gardens! Spring Unicorns only sleep on flower beds in the most decorative gardens. They even might pick your back garden tonight! These extraordinary unicorns pick other places to stay like parks and forests. Spring Unicorns have mostly been found in Windermere in the country side. They are glad to sleep anywhere with friends and wildlife.

The Spring Unicorn has a pink, yellow and blue coloured horn. They also have pink and yellow hair adorned with beautiful daises. This unicorn breathes rose perfume and has fresh green ivy coiled around her legs around like spirals. The Spring Unicorn has pink, sparkly hooves and blue eyes. She has flower patterned wings added with a pink tail.

This creature has a specifically limited diet: flowers. She eats daises, lavender and her favourite of all roses! The Spring Unicorn is a vegetarian she can’t eat meat only plants. Additionally, her least favourite food is weeds [ especially spikey and prickly ones.] Unfortunately, she gets tempted and eats them because she thinks it’s a different kind of plants and she gets seriously ill for 2 months and can’t go into people’s back gardens to hide.

The Spring Unicorn is very wildlife like and loves making friends with other unicorns, hedgehogs and deers. However, if she hears footsteps she camouflages in the wildlife to blend in. At night, she flies into the sky with her flower patterned wings. If you approach a Spring Unicorn, you have to pet them and they can sense if you’re a unicorn lover and remember they are very shy. Make sure to bring some flowers! After they have slept, like most unicorns, they grant wishes and grow the flower bed back with their magic. They also grow any baby plants that are trying to grow and make they into gorgeous plants if they flower bed was a nice stay for them. During the cold weather, Spring Unicorns live in the forest until it’s time for them to shine again. Spring Unicorns, which are very rare, enjoy most gardens that enables them to drift off to sleep whilst smelling the freshly mowed lawn.

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