The Legend of the Unicorn

The legend of the Ocean Unicorn


The Ocean Unicorn, which is a rare breed of flying horse, is found near the great barrier reef.

Every weekend, unicorngeologists gather near a ravine to find out about these amazing species, during recent lockdown periods, these winged animals have become harder to find and have been travelling from the Pacific to the Atlantic. To the delight of many humans, the Ocean Unicorn has now been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean recently, taking advantage of the Ocean Unicorn and many others. However there is more to be researched about this mysterious creature. 




Would you be able to recognise a Ocean Unicorn if you saw one? 

In fact they are very similar to the large majority of Unicorns. Like most Unicorns they have a horn, magical wings, astonishing eyesight, a body shaped like a horse and a mysterious navy blue colour. Some people believe to have spotted this species, it has diamonds as its teeth and wavy soft, sapphire hair.


Many people believe that the Ocean Unicorn can grant any wish you ask for, but this is yet to be proved. If you truly believe that one is hiding in your area it is probably best to keep this information to yourself. 

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