The Galactic Alicorn St. Barts

The Galactic Alicorn , which has been a known species for several centuries, is actually quite difficult to locate. This shy creature has sensitive hearing and will hide when humans are near. However alicolonogists are finally discovering more about this fascinating beast.

This Galactic Alicorn and surprisingly it looks out of this world. Several of these Alicorns are black and white but their dominant feature is there uniqe mane colour it is blood red. With big dark blue wings with black and white stars and spots.

Many people believe that the Galactic Alicorn can grant magical powers but this has yet to be proved . If you close your eyes and believe  that one is living in your local area, it is probably best to keep this a secret. They enjoy you if you have gained their trust. Remember though, these are wild creatures so do not try to ride them as they resent such an intrusion. Let’s keep these beautiful creatures safe for future generations.

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