The diamond unicorn


Many people believe that Diamond unicorns are extinct because no-one has seen one for a long time. Last time they were seen sleeping up high on the mountains. The sun was very sparkly making the unicorn shine like a diamond.



Unusually the unicorn’s eyes glisten every time it looks at the moon or they reflect from the shine from the sun. Its horn is made from sharp shiny crystals. Its colour is shiny sparkly blue.



The shiny creatures live deep down in the caves where humans find diamonds, so they protect their diamonds. They live in Southern Cornwall with all of their kind.



They eat golden apples, emerald carrots. Weirdly they drink diamond water and the water makes the diamonds on the unicorn bigger they also eat leftovers.



When an adult leaves for food the children will cry out diamonds. Now you know what one looks like.


One Response to “The diamond unicorn”

  1. 1.its very good
    2. what leftovers does it eat?
    3.on the sentence diet you could have put a comma in between bigger and they

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