The sugar unicorn by Evie B

                                   The Sugar Unicorn 


Sugar the sugar unicorn,which surprisingly is a common type of unicorn, the majority of sugar unicorn’s live high up in the clouds amazingly over volcano cause they tend to make friends with Evil unicorns. During Lockdown the sugar unicorn has been going around to little childrens houses and cheering them up . Interestingly they happen to be the kindest animals on earth .


The sugar unicorn has a lot of speThe sugar unicorn normally has a purple main with pink highlights and rainbow spots all over the body . With bright bright blue hooves and twisted pink and purple horn.


The food that this amazing creature eats are juicy apples, plums and quite a lot more but sugar’s favourite would have to be sweets I would not blame her as it is sugar unicorn and sweets have a lot of sugar in.


cial skills but the best skill is she can hear whenever someone is sad and will track and makes them so happy. When a sugar unicorn’s tail shimmers everyone near by will be happy and it shimmers more than a star in the night .


You might find a sugar unicorn high up in the clouds they like high fluffy spaces normally above volcano’s as they tend to make friends with Evil unicorns cause they get along well to show that they are also the opposite . If you were ever to go there you would be so welcome .


As a gift of the sugar unicorn’s kindness nothing will eat it and sugar unicorn’s will not eat them they say the sugar unicorn is the kindest animal on earth and kids best friend some might not like the sugar unicorn some might even hate the sugar unicorn some might want to kill the sugar unicorn but it’s forbidden you can not kill or even hurt a sugar unicorn . 

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