The Enchanted Emporium By Pollie

The Enchanted Emporium Prologue

There are some places were no one ever entered. The enchanted Emporium was like that.

Even though you could smell sweet strawberries covered with Nutella or a steak with a side of chips. Even though you could reach out and touch a gold cat purring. Even though nut crackers woke up at Christmas and danced in the moonlight. Even though chocolate eggs glistened at Easter. Even though wind up toys did all your jobs.

But no one dared to enter. The doorway was gloomy and as dark as the midnight sky. No one dared until Isla.

Chapter 1

Isla had always wanted to see what was inside the Emporium, but her mother warned her not to go in. One Winter’s morning she was running down Yarrow Road when she spotted something unusual. For once the door was fully open. Without hesitation, she stepped in.

Everywhere she looked it was filled with wonders and surprises she couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw a golden cage of elegant robins tweeting as she walked past, several stuffed animals sat on the window sill and amazing clown fish doing funny tricks. She saw a rack of hand made jumpers the best they could buy. Soft ruby curtains covering the painted wall. Silver umbrellas glistening as they catch the sun. Yummy candy floss being made and a plate of chewy toffies sat lonely on the counter. Display of multicoloured clocks all telling a different time. But what caught her eyes the most was an leather bound book of wonders.

“I see you’ve found my book of wonders” whispered a voice. She quickly closed the book in surprise and looked up at the owner nervously. He was an old man with a robin perched on his shoulder. It tweeted at her disapprovingly. 

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