The Toxic unicorn

The Toxic unicorn.

The toxic unicorn, which is a rare species, is found near volcanoes. Every weekend, unicornologists gather around volcanoes to study these mysterious beasts. During recent lockdown periods, species have become more and more common. To the delight of many citizens, the toxic unicorn is friendly to all living things on planet earth. However, sometimes they become hostile to humans.

Would you be able to recognise a toxic unicorn if you saw one? Like most unicorns they have a rough horn, big wings and a vibrant mane. The main feature of this creature is its gas cloud which is toxic to humans. They have the ability to change size, spit acid and they have 5 legs. Amazingly, they have a toxic storage so they never run out. This is why they are referred to as the, ‘storage unicorn’. Up close you can see their mardy expression, poisonous hooves and slimy body. Generally they are an amazing vibrant green colour which means they are hard to spot in grass but stand out when flying. The majority are very vibrant green when camouflaged in grass. However a rare minority are covered in red slime full with rage.

The Toxic unicorn, which lives near volcanoes, needs to be close to heat. They make nests out of bubbling magma near volcanoes where they rear their young. Interestingly, they hide their nests near volcanoes so their harder to track. Toxic unicorns need to live near heat otherwise they risk their bodies cooling down. Surprisingly, they like to wander around volcanoes to find a friend and find magma. They can store magma in their toxic storage so they have spare.

Many people believe that you can survive their gas but it’s not yet been proved. If you believe one is living in your area it’s best to keep it a secret. They like being fed hotdogs if you have gained their trust. Remember, don’t go to close or you will die! Let’s keep these creatures safe for future generations.

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