The Everything Emporium By Ava SWW

The Everywhere Emporium

Most people just think that magic is in story books! But the Everywhere Emporium is REAL magic. The big bulky black doors stays shut at all times. In the key hole, there is a rusty old key that waits there for someone to twist the key and unlock the door. No one has opened it in 50 years.

There are places where nobody ever goes. The Everything Emporium was one of them.

Even at Easter, Christmas, Valentines day, Halloween and New years Eve nobody EVER visits the Emporium. Even when the lights fill the large windows and buckets of sweets overflow. Even though you can smell a roast dinner and salty chips NO ONE ENTERS. It looks beautiful but people just walk past. Until Riley saw the Everything Emporium, her curiosity told her to go inside.

As Riley walked back from her friends house, she noticed a bright light shining from the dusty Everywhere Emporium window. Riley is very adventurous girl and will do anything her mind tells her to. She was pulled closer to the door like magnet. Gingerly, she twisted the key, placed her hand on the big bulky black door and pushed it open. It was lighter than she thought.

She to a long glace around the room. Everywhere she looked, she saw something that she found curious. She wanted to touch everything. Suddenly, her eyes fixed on the bright light that she saw through the dusty window. It was a sign that read WELCOME TO THE EVERYTHING EMPORIUM! BRING ALL OF YOU SPECTACULAR IMAGNATION! Riley couldn’t stop staring at it. She paused and saw a old chestnut bookshelf. Surprisingly, she spends most of her time reading in trees up high! She ran as fast as she could over to the books. Quickly, she ran her fingers across the books gathering dust that went up her finger nails. The sign flickered once she touched it. She turned around.
“Nothing.” She said under her breath.
Then turned back and continued to look at the books.
“This looks interesting!” Riley shouted
So she picked it up and flicked through the pages.

“I see that you admire my book collection.” hissed a man
Riley jumped terrified. She turned around looking for where the voice was coming from.
“Up here.” exclaimed the man
Slowly, she tipped her head up to see the man. She looked up to see one ruby eye staring right at her. The other eye was covered by a eye mask. His black suit seemed to be very clean. The unusual man intimidated her. He whistled and a parrot flew onto his shoulder. Riley loves animals. Her favourite animal was a parrot until it stared at her.

3 Responses to “The Everything Emporium By Ava SWW”

  1. Zach~Antony school May 24, 2021 at 11:46 am

    I like all of it but at the start of it i dont think you need valintimes day in there.

  2. Good job Ava I love it. I absolutely love the idea of when something interesting happens you put it IN CAPITALS. You could change the fact that you are using ” she”a lot but that is okay. All in all its amazing.

  3. Hi Ava I loved how you used lots of discription.
    Do you think you may have put to much of the word finger so maybe don’t use to much of the same word?

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