The fire Pegasus.

The fire Pegasus, who lives on a grey, volcanic, dusty land covered in fire rocks and holes filled with lava (the land is 17,000 feet wide and is 46,000,000 feet high from the forest floor,) had red fiery eyes, red wings, that have a flame trail, maroon, silky fur with black, metal hooves.

This Pegasus only eats meat and the fire rocks spread around his land. His danger is sweets and glitter; this Pegasus could potentially die from those things (so if you want to kill it (please don’t though) use these things.) This unicorn is also very special because it has a fire breath, so it can kill you with a breath, and can turn invisible, so it can sneak up on you anytime soon.

If I was you I would never try sneak up on this Pegasus because it has a really good sense of smell and will smell you out instantly and will, I repeat will, burn you alive. You should also be very careful when approaching him because he is very dangerous (even I have to be in covered in protection when I have to feed him.)

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