The horse with wings


A unicorn is a horse with a horn and has wings. A unicorn looks like a white blanket fur and a rainbow horn generally they have wings that looks like a huge feather they have a huge tale which looks a horse tale but its bigger, some of them are bright red, blue and orange.


When its dawn they go and find mountain with a big cave to hide when its dawn again they find a bigger cave with other unicorns when a year goes they go to the other side of the world to find food and water and an even bigger cave sometimes you can find them going to a new place to live sometimes they go to a tree to rest for a while then carry on.


They eat clean apples, carats, melon, strawberries’ and bananas. They drink water and sometimes they herbivores and don’t like meat.


Unicorns are beautiful creatures if you meet them they are hungry because they usually hide but come out if they hungry. They always in the fussy for water and food.

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