The Fire Unicorn

The fire Unicorn


Have you ever seen a fire unicorn? They have a glowing, scarlett body, and glittery, burning horns. They are very rare, even though they are impossible to become extinct.


Interestingly, most fire unicorns like to live in scorching deserts, but if they see a fire, they will jump in and help. Fire unicorns like to hang out with their friends a lot, and they are scared when they are alone.


When they are happy, they will have a fire glow in their body, but when they are sad, they will lose their glow completely, and look like a common unicorn. The Most special body part of a unicorn is always it’d eyes, because they are where the magic is held. Fire unicorns are delicate, and if you ever see one, you will have to be very careful around them



Fire unicorns like to eat pasta, and they have lakes full of it, in their habitat. Unusually, they will drink fizzy, orange lucozade, to make sure they keep their energy full, because if they run out of energy, they will get unwell, and unicorns are very vulnerable. Fire unicorns can be cured with magical water, that can only be crafted by other unicorns



Weirdly, the fire unicorn panics around humans, and flies away instantly, even though it is stronger than them. The majority of these unicorns play with other fire unicorns. They like to play flying games, or magic games. Fire unicorns do not breed others, as they appear over time anyway. Baby unicorns will play with each other, but they will practise their magic lots too, in their own massive stadiums. 



Baby fire unicorns are very fast, and even smaller than mice, so the adults need to keep watch of them all the time, so they don’t run away. Baby unicorns appear when other unicorns die, so that they will never become extinct. When unicorns reach the age of 150 (25 in human years), they will become immortal, but they still fear humans, as they do not know that they are immortal. When baby unicorns are first born, they will appear at a portal, and when unicorns want babies, they will go there, and make the baby theirs, by magically painting the family symbol of the unicorn on it. Every unicron family has a different symbol.


If you ever see a fire unicorn, especially a baby one, make sure that you hide, so that they don’t burn you before they fly away. 

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