The great emporium

There are some places were no man ever goes. The great emporium was like that.

Even though in spring a cherry blossom sprouts through the roof. Even though, the door way was so welcoming. Even though, you could smell homemade cake and melting sugar. Even though, you could hear a clock gently ticking. Even though the display was piled high with surprises.

But no one ever entered. There was nothing wrong with the door way or anything else it was just that nobody would enter ,which caused other people not to enter, until Tom.Tom had always been curious that’s why he entered the Emporium. It was a sunny day in the middle of spring when Tom decided to look around the great Emporium .Nobody ever entered. Tom didn’t know why it looked exciting; that was part of the reason why Tom entered. The Emporium was even more exciting than he expected. There was pikachu ,which is a pokémon, running round in a cage, an army of toy soldiers and thousands of more surprises. But then he noticed the book it was an old leather book sat on a table. Just before he could pick it up, a hand snatched the book. It was a man with a walking stick ,short grey hair wrinkled face and a wolf sat next to him.

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