The Rain-Corn by Delaney @Belmont

The rain-corn, which is a rare type of unicorn, it is tried to be found every weakened. Unicornoligists gather to try and find it but it is no where to be seen. During recent lockdown periods, it has been to more places. To the delight of many citizens, the rain-corn is mostly invisible so it can not be seen. However, it can be seen by other unicorns and animals.

Would you be able to recognise the rain-corn if you seen it? Most winged horses are rare but the rain-corn is extra powerful and ultra rare. This is so rare because there is only one in the world. However, there are many other species. Up close, you can see it’s rainbow eyes and it’s blue main. Amazingly, this animal only has one nostril and only two legs. This means it can not move as fast as other unicorns. It is very lonely because it is the only one in the world and the other unicorns bully him. The colours on this animal are amazing and anomalous which means it stands out.

The rain-corn is so rare because it lives near people but when it sees a human are a human sees  it, it turns invisible so only other unicorns can see him, which means he has never been seen by a human. He lives on Big Ben in London which is the biggest city in the country. This means there are lots of people. He loves the laughter of children, weirdly it doesn’t like adults because the shout at children.

No humans even knows that the the rain-corn even exists. This means he doesn’t have to worry about getting seen or captured. So it’s life is as happy as it can be.

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